Dec 10, 2010

J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix)

Most of you will know by now that nothing makes me nod like a Dilla joint. His instrumentals are a godsend to beat junkies and aspiring MCs alike and were something of an urban legend in his early days as a producer. Because of the pedestal I hold Dilla on it's hard for me to enjoy a good remix of a Dilla track but a few do stand out and give proper respect to the otherwise 'untouchable' James Dewitt Yancey.

One of these stand out tracks is a remix that was put out on Stonesthrow last week by Dilla's collaborator and long time friend Madlib. The original track was raw as hell so its nice to hear a fresh future-funk remix. Because Madlib worked so closely with Dilla he has managed to keep much of the authenticity and spirit of the original track, a feat which very very few producers are capable of.

Hope you dig.

J Dilla - The $ (Madlib Remix) by stonesthrow