Feb 25, 2013

Mar 28, 2011

We have a new home!!

We are leaving this foresaken blog to the greener pastures of tumblr.
You can find us here:


Feb 12, 2011

Finest Ego AUS/NZ Beatmaker Compilation // February 25th

On February 25th comes the 3rd Finest Ego Beatmaker Compilation - this time featuring the talents of various artists from down under such Galapagoose, Electric Sea Spider, Mike Kay, Ta-Ku, Slamagotchi, Kilter, and myself!

The 14 track compilation will be available through the Finest Ego website, as well as the Project: Mooncircle Bandcamp page. A number of Limited Edition Cassette Tapes will also be available for purchase.
Don't miss out!

Feb 6, 2011

R.I.P J Dilla

It’s been 5 years today since the great James Dewitt Yancey sadly passed. James, better known by his stage names J Dilla or Jay Dee, fought a two year battle with a rare blood disease called Lupus before leaving us just three days after his 32nd birthday.

I could write for hours about what Dilla achieved in such a short time but instead I will let his music speak for itself and showcase some of my favourite Dilla joints...

Rest in beats Jay Dee

Slum Village - Players

Slum Village - Climax (Girl Sh**) [Instrumental]

J Dilla - The Shining - "Dime Piece (remix) ft. Dwele"

J Dilla - So Far To Go (featuring Common & D'Angelo)

The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Produced by J Dilla) (Intrumental)

Busta Rhymes - Get High (Produced by J Dilla)

Fall In Love (Orchestral Remix by Kilter) - Slum Village by KILTER

Feb 5, 2011

Listen to James Blake Debut LP

After months of anticipation, James Blake's debut LP hasn't actually come out, but it is now available to stream here! Check out these 11 atmospheric, soulful, 2-Step inspired tracks. While Blake has seemed to move on from his previous post-dubstep style, remains of his older sound can definitely be heard throughout the LP, which now features his vocals in every track (some even with stylish auto-tuning and crazy pitching). Admittedly, the whole album isn't very beat oriented, but is still a hell of a listen! Favourite tracks over here are 'To Care (Like You)' and 'I Mind'. Definitely worth a spin if you're into some left of center experimental sounds!

Jan 25, 2011

Exile - 'Population Control' feat Samiyam, Dibiase and Free the Robots

Exile - Population Control (Remixed by Samiyam, Dibiase, Free the Robots) from gregthedude on Vimeo.

Exile's "Population Control" is a trippy, mind-bending video scored by Samyiam, Dibiase and Free The Robots who all remixed the same track featured on 'AM/FM.' Inspired by Exile's "We Are All In Power" video, visual artist Greg "The Dude" Ponstingl created the video using thousands of still images and striking visual effects to make a boombox literally come to life. The result is a rather trippy experience, and if you are prone to seizures, look away.

Jan 23, 2011

Jay Electronica

Considering this dude from N'awleans is yet to drop his first full-length album the amount of hype behind the work of Jay Elect is out of this world. Rolling with the likes of J Dilla, Just Blaze, Erykah Badu (they actually have a child together), Nas, Talib Kweli, Mos Def and Curren$y, Jay is a one-of-a-kind modern day poet with one of the most abstract flows and some of the most empowered lyrics i've heard for along time. And he is an absolute beast on production to boot!