Nov 18, 2010

Daedelus Live

This is ridiculous!!!
One of the biggest names in experimental music, Daedelus, shows off his chops on a Monome in a live set for KEXP radio.
For those who, like me, were too in shock to take in how he was actually doing this, a Monome is a sequencer which is used to trigger and re-trigger samples or sets of samples. So Daedelus has chopped up individual parts of all the songs in his set allowing him to achieve complex mashups that no DJ could ever do with turntables. Daedelus is one of the pioneers in the use of a Monome in his live performances.
Recently, the Monome has been pushed out of the market by AKAI's APC series or Novation's Launchpad, which offer more audio manipulation options while still going for around the same price.
Still, I would not be complaining if I was given one of them!